10 April 2009

People Can't Survive Because of Not Drinking for Three Days Only

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People can survive up to 30 days without eating, but can die because of not drinking for three days only! Water is very important and depend on the body during the process of biological progress.

In our bodies of water is necessary so that blood pressure down and pumping the heart is running well. Water will also carry products from the rest of the body. In the process, he also lubricate pivot. For that, each day you need at least 3 l of water.

Basically, our bodies contain 45 - 55 l water. Gynecology reaches 40 - 50% of the entire body. Brain consists of water just as much as 75%. Unfortunately, even though the human body is made up of more water, but each day we would lose a lot of water. You lose approximately 3.5 l of water a day even if only to sit-sit only. Akan forth water out of the body when you do activities that deplete enough energy.

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