26 May 2009

Easy Tips Caring Faces

6:41 PM by Wong Ndeso Go Blog · 2 komentar anda

Our face may interfere because of open pores or pore facial skin that is too large. Opening pores that occur due to negligence. Use of cosmetics during the day without a careful cleaning of the causes is sleep. So do not forget to give the opportunity to face your skin to breathe freely and relaxation was adequate. To close the open pores, make the following ingredients.

Mix water with vinegar (vinegar) with the same comparison. Put on the need, and after four minutes wash intermittent.

When the face is not clean, dust and dirt can enter the pores. After some time living in the pores, the dirt will be turned into comedo, also known as the black head.

To prevent the occurrence of comedo and whelk, clean your face with water regularly. Wash your face with soap and rinse with water. After that, to improve the cleaning, followed with a facial cleanser cream. Do this when you arrive at your home and before bed.
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