28 June 2009

Tips for How to Choose Avocado

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When you go to the market to buy the avocado, never judge a ripe avocado from the skin color. If the avocado fruit that you older encountering color or brown, not necessarily avocado fruit has been cooked. Try a little avocado is a fruit. If you feel more software means that the fruit is ripe.

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Omega 9 to the role of diet heart healthy

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Development trends in the food world are focused on four main areas of food is food that is able to create a positive difference for human life at this time and in the future, namely:

1. Food that is able to improve cardiovascular health

2. Food that generate power mechanism natural resilience of the body

3. Food that can improve women's health, fitness and beauty

4. Food that can improve the nutritional status of children.

Development of food with a high rate of Omega 9 can be seen to meet the first two categories. For recalls, please see the following.

Healthy lifestyles.

Healthy lifestyles are "megatrend" in the community that has high economic and social life of a high. Healthy lifestyles many variations, but in general, several factors include the following: the adequacy of sports, living a positive opinion, to consume healthy foods and regular with balanced nutrition, adequate rest and able to maintain an ideal weight.

In this author's only limit themselves to the types of food products and healthy food regularly and with balanced nutrition, of course, closely related to the Omega-9.

Eat (diet) healthy is closely related to the heart healthy diet. This is perhaps due to heart problems and issues of CVD (Cardio Vascular Disease), is a cause of death number 2 in Indonesia, and this may also apply in many other developing countries and in developed countries.
Many heart disease connections with the food we consume. The factors that influence is, the high rate of cholesterol in the blood, especially LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol type of evil, as a cause of the occurrence of blood vessel constriction, and HDL (high density lipoprotein), which called cholesterols good, because the large role in improving immune power (of immunity) body. Ideally when people have a low rate of LDL, HDL high content of it. From the components of HDL, the largest and most important is the Apo-lipoprotein A-1, a body protective factors that is important role.

In addition, it is recommended to reduce the rate of fat, such as Triglyceride and LP (a) lipoprotein, and it is recommended to consume a type of food that is able to control high blood pressure, such as Sodium salt.

Cholesterol that the body was found in three quarters not comes from food, but it originated and produced by the liver organs. The productions of cholesterol in the liver are effect from the consumption of high saturated fat. Fat saturated fat is considered evil, wherever that may be avoided. Saturated fat contained in many fat (fat livestock / animal) and coconut oil.

Each oil (liquid) and fat (solid) is always a mixture of three types of fatty acid, namely; not saturated fatty acid, which consists of saturated fatty acid is not a single (mono-unsaturated fatty acid), saturated fatty acid not double (poy-unsaturated fatty acid) and saturated fatty acid (saturated fatty acid). Only usually in a food product, one type of fatty acid that occupy a dominant place. Of the three types of fatty acid, the fatty acid was not saturated (mono-unsaturated and Poly-unsaturated) positive role in maintaining heart health. Acids are saturated fat and trans-fatty acid (fat processing results, Baking and fast foods) should be avoided.

NO OIL saturated OMEGA

Omega Oil is the oil that has a high rate of fatty acid Omega (Omega means the end). So fatty acid Omega-3 means that the union has not saturated the dual listed on the C atom and the third from fourth last calculated its methyl group, said of the Omega-6 and Omega-9.

How not saturated fatty acid should must be consumed in a precise and ideal, is very dependent on the condition, location and nutrition status of a person. But many experts think that to get a good health condition is recommended to consume relatively high rate of mono-unsaturated and Poly-unsaturated equivalent to 32% of the total consumption of calories, with saturated fat can not be more than 8% of total calorie consumption. Are other experts said that ideally the prime body, recommended to consume 20% of the total fat consumption and energy from the amount recommended only 4% derived from saturated fat.

Three no saturated fatty acid that is important to Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9. Oil meals often contain all three in the composition varies. Especially from the third fatty acid is not saturated, not two saturated fatty acid Omega-3 and Omega-9 is essential for life.

WHAT bands played formidable sets OMEGA-9 (ASAM OLEAT)?

Omega-9, many found in olive oil (olive oil). From the results of the research reported end, the research results, especially since 1992, and even more in 1988, 1999 and 2000, concluded that the Omega-9 has a power protection body which is able to lower LDL, increase HDL is greater than Omega-3 and Omega-6. But reports that new research results also suggest that the Omega-6 has a negative aspect associated with the increase because the compound, which eicosanoids stimulate the growth of tumors in experimental animals.

Disgusting, is that Omega-3 and Omega-9 had the potential to block the product compound, which eicosanoids is dangerous. People who live in the area Mediterranean, rarely found cases of CVD. This may be because of the high consumption of Omega-9 and Omega-3. Are in the United States-European consumption of fat has a ratio of 10: 1 (Omega-6: Omega: 3), which is now considered unhealthy.

The composition of fatty acid Omega-9 in some oil products are as follows:

avocado oil 50%
macadamia oil 45%
olive oil 28%
seed apricot 35%
seed almond 33%
Bimoli 41.6%

When compared to Poly-unsaturated fat (PUFA), mono-unsaturated fat (MUFA) better role in the PUFA because although useful for lowering LDL cholesterol, but lower HDL have a weakness. Meanwhile, MUFA able to lower LDL but also to increase HDL, a fact that we want.
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Water Healthy For a Bath

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In addition to the healthful to drink, water, white is also nutritious for the treatment of foreign body in a way spa or bath. Since year 1857, scientist Charles Darwin ever wondered why bath with cold water probably heal itself from pain, pain, and nausea, which he suffered. He's not once, but can not answer it.

Now a research institution in trombosis
London has been expressed can provide answers. According to the researchers, if people always bathed with cold water, cold water again, the blood circulation will be improved, so that the body feel more in shape.

The researchers also found, a bath with cold water will increase the production of white blood cell in the body and increase the ability of someone to attack the virus. Even with a cold water bath in the morning can increase the production of male hormone testosteron on the hormone estrogen and the female. Thus, fertility and vitality
love them increases.

According to the researchers was that, owing to the morning bath with cold water, the network improved skin, nails strong and healthy is not easily cracked, and even grow a thick hair.

Director of the research institute, Prof.. Fakkar, disclose, through a treatment bath with cold water to help cure various diseases, including asthma suffering. But to keep in mind, content should be dinginnya water can still hold a human body, which is around 15oC.

Fakkar are still doing research on 5000 people as respondents. He began to research it because the patient could see the exhaustion without cause. After the bath with cold water, they recover. Previously, the patient each day was only able to lie in bed for a weary 17 - 19 hours, no longer concentrate power, and weak and tired. However, after a bath with cold water regularly their situation improved.

Even water is also believed to cure heart disease, rheumatism, skin damage, it channels the breath, bowel, disease femininity, and the interference of the soul. Kind of mild disease cough, runny nose, hoarse voice less sleep can also be cured.

Therapy in developed countries with the use of water have been done. Vincenz Priesnitz and Pastor Sebastian Kneipp, both of German origin, using the hot water and cold water. The patients included in the warm tub of water so that the sweat. Then transferred to cold water tanks are required and walk briefly in order to sweat. Finally, a bath with cold water. Exchange temperature from cold to hot to be the key to this is the secret of the German experts.

In details, treatment was started from the skin when exposed to cold stimulus, the blood vessel will constrict. With menyempitnya vein, the brain to send a large order blood heat as soon as possible. Hot blood that flows in the longer reflex peredarannya high, so the body's defense got the alarm that is willing to maintain themselves. As a result, the disease germs that are in the body will be liquidated quickly.
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Zerona Laser For Your Lose Weight

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Confuse find a good clinic to lose your weight? If you like to lose your weight there is a good clinic at Toronto, it was Liliana Laser Hair Removal Clinic located in Thornhill that, next to Toronto, Canada. It is a one-of-a-kind spot for all of your necessities Aesthetic in Toronto and the GTA area including Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, and Vaughan.

A new breakthrough Loosing your weight. Imagine losing inches from your waist/hips /thighs by doing nothing more than you already are no more exercise, no more changes to diet, no handfuls of pills, no dangerous Liposuction or lap-band surgery. Laser Hair Removal with the Soprano XL, Lipo laser with the Zerona, Photo Facial Rejuvenation, Skin Tightning, microdermabrasion, Hydradermie, Electrolysis, or any other beauty Treatments you may require.

Hair Removal Liliana Laser Clinic has a new machine called the Zerona, into their clinic, they are the first to use it in the GTA (greater Toronto area).

Little about zerona, the Zerona is a unique laser machine which produces a cold laser beam. The laser photons penetrates into your fat cells, causing them to open and empty out its fat materials, which later being secreted out of the body. The fat cells lose their volume and shrink causing the body to reduce its size.

The way that the Zerona Laser works, simply put, is this:

Lipo laser emulsifies the fat and causes the cell to become Membrane temporarily porous. The fat leaks out of the cells and into the interstitial spaces between the cells where it's passed out of the body via the normal channels including the lymphatic system and the Digestive system. The laser does this consistently. In the conventional liposuction procedure the surgeon will break the fat cells that are located under the skin then pump it. The result: an area without fat cells. But with laser liposuction will not reduce any of the fat cells but will cause them to open.

You can see more details of the new service at about zerona http://www.lilianalaser.ca and feel free to ask about it with the experts there.
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26 June 2009

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilition

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Abuse alcohol and drugs the day by children is a problem that increasingly concern all parents. From some research that has been done, it was agreed that building braided intense communication between parents and children is a powerful tool to prevent the things that are not desired. However, many parents feel unsure about discussing abuse drugs and alcohol with their children. Some of us believe that our children will not be involved in the matter is prohibited. Some delay because they do not know how you say it, or would they be afraid speculate about it and to encourage the unwanted direction.

From a study in the United States stated that many young people who follow the rehabilitation program said that they consume alcohol or drugs-drugs of 2 (two) years before their parents find out. Therefore, making communication with children as early as possible and do not wait until your children are involved in a problem page.
When a person is destined to be a victim of his office, eliminating the responsibility of the person who abuses drugs or alcohol. The drug rehabilitation with the highest success rate is one that offers a
drug rehab or alcohol rehab facility such as sauna for drug detoxification, counseling, therapy, and life skills training.

We understand that many aspects of drug and alcohol rehab are unpleasant and we take great care to make the remaining elements of a resident’s stay as pleasant as possible. It’s not our intention to punish the addict but instead to give the type of support and help within a comforting and luxurious environment, which will once again remind you of the life you once knew. You will also be aware of the many reasons you have to attain a sober lifestyle, all of which will allow you to again enjoy that life. It often comes down to simply choosing the right place for the recovery and healing to begin.

You may point your view to thedrugrehab.com, this site is a non-profit drug rehabilitation referral service that provides those seeking help with addiction with a referral to a drug treatment facility.

For more information just visit http://thedrugrehab.com, feel free to ask something there.
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