15 April 2009

Temperature Determine The Need For Water

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Temperature and environmental conditions also determine the need for water. Working in air-conditioned room, for example, make you more quickly to dehydration (lack of water). So, drink often, especially when you feel the room temperature work up and down. Moreover, they make the skin quite dry. Changes in room temperature will make the skin dry out the room because humidity often not stabilized. Drinking water will help menetralisasikan influence change.

There is no bad impact because drinking too much. Thus the dirt-dirt will quickly exit the body through the urine out of drinking water due to many-many. In addition, water does not contain calories, sugar, fat or so healthful. Drinking lots of water can even cure chronic kidney disease.

For you that the diet program, the water naturally better than the drink-drink low-calorie beverages are marketed. One glass of two warm water before eating will make you quite satisfied so help reduce the amount of food that enter.

Meanwhile, for those who want to always healthy and avoid disease, the better to drink eight glasses of water (about 2 l) a day. The good is the water warm, not too cold, not too hot. To get the best results, drink two glasses of 1 - 2 hours before breakfast, two glasses of 1 - 2 hour before lunch, two glasses of 1 - 2 hours before dinner, and two large glass 1 - 2 hours sleep the night before . Make the discipline, the results will be visible in 2 - 3 months later.

Jim Jones, a leading food experts in the United States, also said, more people are healthy but want to forget the most simple drink, water, and white. They were even popular drink such as coffee, tea, or cola. They all thought it could replace the white water.

Thought is clearly mistaken. Water white to provide health benefits that can not be given by potables that kind. Even fruit juice is also full of vitamins that can not be replace it. Although important in terms of nutrition, but the essence of fruit does not clean your body.

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10 April 2009

People Can't Survive Because of Not Drinking for Three Days Only

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People can survive up to 30 days without eating, but can die because of not drinking for three days only! Water is very important and depend on the body during the process of biological progress.

In our bodies of water is necessary so that blood pressure down and pumping the heart is running well. Water will also carry products from the rest of the body. In the process, he also lubricate pivot. For that, each day you need at least 3 l of water.

Basically, our bodies contain 45 - 55 l water. Gynecology reaches 40 - 50% of the entire body. Brain consists of water just as much as 75%. Unfortunately, even though the human body is made up of more water, but each day we would lose a lot of water. You lose approximately 3.5 l of water a day even if only to sit-sit only. Akan forth water out of the body when you do activities that deplete enough energy.

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03 April 2009

Benefits of Jogging

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Do jogging regularly to provide good benefits for physical conditions and other health. Jogging also gives fun physical and mental.

* Benefits of Jogging
Accelerate the digestive system
Make a strong heart
Counteract depression
Burn the fat and the obesity

* Enjoyment obtained from Jogging
Jogging can also provide you with fun physical and mental. When jogging is done correctly, you will not feel tired when you've completed a tour of more than you did before. You also benefit with the comfortable feel in the muscles during the jogging and afterwards.

* Clothing And Footwear
Wearing clothes that you must comply with the air at that time. When warm air, shorts and t-shirt is quite comfortable to apply. However, if you make the route much harmless to bring extra clothes in a small bag, to be on the alert if the air so bad. Choose clothing that can provide good ventilation, avoiding a full-stitch, or be bordered by a sharply with the tight shroud.

For the shoes, wearing a soft and comfortable, but with a fit and appropriate in the foot. Select shoes base that flexible for movement in your foot, but enough support when force with the land, so it does not make you slip.

* Pedometer
A GPS pedometer will track your movements to give you location and total distance, as well as time and pace of your workout.

* Sports Nutrition
We must have a right sports nutrition beside our exercise activity. Because its important to, with right sports nutrition we can prepare for training, energized during training, or recovery after training.

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