29 January 2010

Healthy Tips - Wise In Drinking Diet Tea

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Healthy Tips - Wise In Drinking Diet Tea. Who does not like to enjoy a cup of tea? Custom of drinking tea was introduced to Japanese society is popular in various circles. But now, tea is widely used as a method of weight reduction.

Today, tea is often served free time has a different kind. One is the popular green tea. Green tea extracts contain feofitin, the color of the chlorophyll derivative that efficacious as an antioxidant. Now, green tea is consumed so popular while dieting.

As reviewed Carefair, Thursday (28/1/2010), there are two types of slimming tea. That is, tea is a stimulant, and tea that "cleanse". Like my old post about Tea for healthy body.

Performance of a stimulant tea when you eat food. Ingredients in the tea can absorb these kinds of food calories you more. Thus, the body has no calories too much. Usually, this type of tea drunk before the meal arrives.

Securities accepted by the body vary. There is a decreasing weight with ease, there is loss of appetite, and some even rise when metabolism is routinely consume this type of tea. Frequent dizziness, feeling nervous for no reason, and disturbed sleep also include other effects when a person is too often consume slimming tea type stimulants.

While tea is working to drain the contents of the intestine, was predictable performance on your body. Many studies reveal, cathartic beverages can cause body dehydration. Not only makes the body limp, but can endanger health. The body weight is lowered very fast in the early days you eat them. Fast weight gradually falls. However, temporary if not balanced with regular exercise.
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Laughing 500 times a day Make Healthy & Smart!

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Laughing 500 times a day Make Healthy & Smart!. If a new baby can respond to the physical joke, at the age of 2 years they began to understand the source of other jokes. At this age a sense of humor that arises based on the singularity stimulation or strangeness. For example, when we put the shoe on the head, for the children at this age it is very funny, because the shoes "used" as a hat.

You could say, at this age, stage of development of the child a sense of humor, including a primitive stage category. However, at this time precisely the development of a sense of humor a child enters a critical stage, because of that something unusual can make children laugh while he understood the laughs can ease the fear.

Liem Herlina Psi, a psychologist from LPT UI said, entering the age of 3 to 5 years, children begin to understand the verbal expression can be regarded as something funny. Now the children are no longer laughing because of the physical singularity, but the strangeness of the concept. For example, when he saw the child with a pacifier drinking age, he did not laugh. But, when she saw her father drank with pacifier, the child can laugh. Next humor child will continue to move to the next stage, in line with the development of language skills possessed by the increasingly complex and the understanding of the words that have double meanings.

Children No Laughing = Unhealthy Signs

Moms know that children aged four to five-year average of 500 times a day to laugh? If less than that, you should find out the causes why the grim-faced child. Because it shows no signs of a healthy, can be physically and psychologically. Virtually every child born has brought a sense of humor. For example, laughing children have been around for a baby, they are able to laugh with "peekaboo". What is clear, sense of humor is not something that can be learned, guess that comes naturally, not be forced or contrived.

Parents are the primary examples for the children. Because the sense of humor exhibited by the child must be referred from a sense of humor that served parents. If the rigid home environment, children will be difficult to express himself. As a result the potential for humor appears difficult.

What is Considered by the Preschooler's funny?

It is considered funny for preschoolers usually things that do not make sense, silly words, images and motion slapstick. For example, bespectacled cat picture or when Dads put the pacifier into his mouth.

Sing your favorite songs with little change a few lines of lyrics with the words and the tone is wrong. When we pretend confused or forgotten, they would burst out laughing. But believe me, you're not only going to get a laugh, but also encourage your child to think, laughing children will be correct and understand that the parents did not always right and know everything. Doll that can talk with the music and the funny accent can make a child laugh.

When parents do not play as usual, such as grandfathers or grandmothers, children can think of that as something funny. But be careful Moms & Dads, if you're "acting" too long a child may be confused, even scared them and weep.

Benefits Sense of Humor

Good for health
Humor allows children to find ways to overcome stress and anxiety. Humor also can save children from embarrassment or to overcome anger.

Through the sensitivity of humor, heart disappointment not to make children act aggressively or her depression. In addition, humor is very good for children's health include lower blood pressure.

Controlling the social environment
The ability of humor is a social skills play an important role. Because of the humor, the child can convey what their likes and dislikes or negative feelings or convey positive feelings in a way sympathetic to other people. With humor children can maintain relations with his friends. The children are usually easy droll humor deftly, making other people laugh. This situation encourages a child who has a passion for socializing repeat behavior that can make other people laugh and the kids get the audience excited. This is a sign that he began to control the social environment.

Improving emotional intelligence
Avoid making jokes about race, religion, ignorance, and ethnic others. Better child develop a sense of humor to reduce aggressiveness and anger encouragement by keeping other people's feelings. This is an important aspect that needs to be developed to optimize their emotional intelligence. Many experts agree a humorous personal and sensitive environment will be able to solve various problems both from within and outside himself. These are tough to face a future full of challenges.
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26 January 2010

Healthy Tips How To Overcome Influenza

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Healthy tips how to overcome the flu, colds, influenza is actually easy and cheap. Not even need to see a doctor if it's not necessary. Because this disease is basically a result of viral infection (viral infection). Virus infection is self-limiting diseases, which means it can heal itself. With mild effort we can overcome the flu, colds and influenza. How to tips to overcome the flu?

Here are some steps that I do. Success to me, ..? yes .. because my last two days, (medical consultations) lying on bed rest because my body was not able to cope with a bad cold and cough.

1. Sleeping with a relaxed, try to rest in bed in peace. Leave for a moment the whole affair. focus on thoughts that I had to recover from this disease. Thus the body's immune system get positive energy of positive thoughts, too.

2. Drink lots of water. Much you drink as strong. not only white water course, water can warm tea, lukewarm water,

3. Take vitamins or other supplements. At the time the flu, the immune system or immune system decline, requires assistance from outside. This is the time to drink vitamins or honey and others.

4. Try to eat nutritious foods. Avoid fatty and fried foods.

5. Pray, pray be the cure. By praying to stimulate the immune system to enhance immune imunnya.

If the steps how to overcome the flu, colds has not been successful so ... see your doctor. The aim of this doctor visits has two purposes, namely

1. Ascertain whether there is another ride infection. mean? to ascertain whether pure flu infection or infection other ride. If only the flu, colds, cough usually not a problem. the problem is if there is co-infection with other like URTI, DHF, typhoid and others. Because the initial symptoms of the disease like flu symptoms. Medical term, flu-like syndroma. So need careful here.

2. To get the drugs according to symptoms. As a cure for fever, cure for nasal congestion, for to mengencer phlegm or mucus, and vitamin

May we all be protected from the flu, colds and influenza. I hope these tips useful to overcome the flu blind fellow bloggers, especially those that like to stay up at night. Always healthy and protected from the flu, colds and influenza.
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21 January 2010

PTR Baru Link From Blog Paid Review

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Sekarang ada paid review baru selain sponsored review, blogsvertise dan reviewme yaitu link From Blog. Keunggulan link from blog dari pada paid review yang lain adalah bonus yang diberikan jika kita mendaftar di program PTR ini.

Bagi yang masih penasaran dengan paid review yang satu ini tunggu aja review tentang PTR ini lebih lanjut setelah program buy blog review ini terbukti membayar apa tidak. Bagi yang ingin langsung bergabung bisa nyoba ikut referalku lewat banner dibawah ini. Kalo nggak juga nggak masalah,.. :)

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