29 January 2010

Healthy Tips - Wise In Drinking Diet Tea

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Healthy Tips - Wise In Drinking Diet Tea. Who does not like to enjoy a cup of tea? Custom of drinking tea was introduced to Japanese society is popular in various circles. But now, tea is widely used as a method of weight reduction.

Today, tea is often served free time has a different kind. One is the popular green tea. Green tea extracts contain feofitin, the color of the chlorophyll derivative that efficacious as an antioxidant. Now, green tea is consumed so popular while dieting.

As reviewed Carefair, Thursday (28/1/2010), there are two types of slimming tea. That is, tea is a stimulant, and tea that "cleanse". Like my old post about Tea for healthy body.

Performance of a stimulant tea when you eat food. Ingredients in the tea can absorb these kinds of food calories you more. Thus, the body has no calories too much. Usually, this type of tea drunk before the meal arrives.

Securities accepted by the body vary. There is a decreasing weight with ease, there is loss of appetite, and some even rise when metabolism is routinely consume this type of tea. Frequent dizziness, feeling nervous for no reason, and disturbed sleep also include other effects when a person is too often consume slimming tea type stimulants.

While tea is working to drain the contents of the intestine, was predictable performance on your body. Many studies reveal, cathartic beverages can cause body dehydration. Not only makes the body limp, but can endanger health. The body weight is lowered very fast in the early days you eat them. Fast weight gradually falls. However, temporary if not balanced with regular exercise.
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