15 December 2008

Tea for health body

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Tea is a beverage that is known broadly in Indonesia and in the world. Drink brown is a common beverage guests drinks The fragrant aroma and taste unique to make this many drinks consumed. In addition to the excess before, there are many substances that have many benefits that are very useful for the health of the body.

Benefits of Tea

Benefits of tea, among others, is as antioxidants, repair cells damaged skin refine, streamline the body, prevent cancer, prevent heart disease, reduce cholesterol in the blood, reinforce the circulation of blood. So, not surprisingly, when the drink is called a "drink rich benefits.

Substance in a cup of tea, which Helpful

Therefore, other than as soft drinks, tea can also be used as a therapy for health. If we drink a cup of tea, then we at least know what the best substance in a cup of tea that we drink. What substances contained in tea to make them known as the rich benefits of the drink? Here are some of the main substances that are useful in a cup of tea.

Polifenol in the form of tea katekin and flavanol. This compound function as antioxidants to capture free radicals in the body also prevent the emergence of powerful cancer cells in the body. Free radicals in our body because the environment is polluted air pollution and also from the food we eat.
Vitamin E

In a cup of tea contains vitamin E of about 100-200 IU a day is a need for a human body. The amount of this work to maintain heart health and make a smoother skin.
Vitamin C

Vitamin functions as the immunity or resistance to the human body. In addition, vitamin C also function as antioxidants that are needed for the resilience of the human body against diseases.
Vitamin A

Vitamin A in the form of tea beta carotene is a vitamin that supply the body needed.

Types of Tea

Substance-substance found in tea is very easily oxidized. When the tea leaves exposed to sunlight, the oxidation process there. The type of tea is generally known in the community is green tea, oolong tea (such as Java Oolung tea / Ulung), black tea and white tea. Green tea have content that firsts, because in the process of making tea, this is not the type of dried using sunlight but use a special drying technique. While other types of tea is processed by fermentation.

Tea substances in the Less Good

In addition to the benefits of tea, there are also substances contained in tea that are not good for the body. Substances is caffeine. Caffeine in tea (tehine) can cause the absorption of food to be obstructed. Limit safe to consume caffeine in a day is 750 mg / day or equivalent with 5 cups of tea sized 200 ml.

Things that should be avoid to the Tea Drinking

There is also a must when you see your tea so that the useful substances in the body is not lost, among others:

* Do not drink tea during or after eating due to substances contained in food can be stolen by the concept of tea solids.
* Do not drink tea at an empty stomach can increase the production of stomach acid.
* Avoid drinking tea mixed with sugar because of substance-causing substances that filled in be reduced.
* Do not drink tea that night is because it has many substances that oxidize and so spoiled impact is not good for the body.
* Avoid drinking tea when pregnant and breastfeeding. Because caffeine and substances in the concept of tea can stimulate contraction womb. In addition to breastfeeding mothers will disrupt the production of milk producing glands or breastfeeding mothers.

How Presents Tea

That is not lost in the process of making tea is the way to presents To avoid mistakes when presents tea, you should consider how presents tea whether it is correct or not. Because of this error can cause the tea does not provide benefits for people who drinks. To presents tea, use boiling water with 80 degrees centigrade, do not use water with temperatures higher than 80 degrees because it can make us lose the benefits of tea.

In addition, the tea can be mixed with milk. Tea mixed with milk or milk tea is often known to reduce the effects of tea because the concept of calcium milk will be binding substances, substances in tea concept.

Another way is to add more lemon, which we often know with a Lemon Tea. Lemon will provide protection for the digestion, because the citric acid in the lemon to prevent the emergence of crust on the intestinal wall.

In the world there are many ways people drink tea. In Britain, members of the United Kingdom have a habit of drinking a cup of tea every afternoon. In other parts of the world tea drinking habits were also conducted. All depends on your habits and your culture. However, do not forget to consider some instructions that have been mentioned when the drink tea. Enjoy a cup of tea!

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