09 December 2008

tips to look beautiful and durable with the make-up

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Growth age is a natural process that must be faced by every human being. No one can avoid the aging process that occurs over time in line. Including for women. With increasing age, ability and decreased body also affects the face. Appear on the face or skin wrinkling that is not elastic anymore. But this does not mean you can not look beautiful. make up or makeup is one solution. How?

Because the make-up tricks with the right, you can disguise the signs of aging that is so you can cover this deficiency. However, before you make up your face, make sure that the cosmetics that you use is still feasible to use or not expired.

What should be done when the make-up so you can look younger? Here are some steps that may apply when you make up your own face.

Toner and moisturizer
Before the start apply makeup, start with a clean face and neck by using solvents by using the toner, and moisturizer. This aims to make up the results of your maximum.
Alas powder
Use the base powder (foundation), so that colors can be entered with a perfect in your face. Select a color foundation that one level higher than the color of your skin.
Use concealer to disguise Rhodri Morgan in the face or acne marks. Concealer can also be used to disguise the eye bags.
Brush and Spans
When using the powder, first use the brush next spans use to help flattened
Select a color eyeshadow that can help the face look fresh and young. Color can be selected among other green, PEACH, purple, gold.
To the eye, so that parents face is not visible, you should not use eyeliner. Or if you want to use them should not use too thick eyeliner and use a pencil-shaped.
Blush on
Color should blush on the natural color such as pink color or PEACH.
Lip gloss and lipstick
Select a color of lipstick or a higher level of lip color. Avoid lip with a color contrast too. Can also be added to lip gloss lips look fresh.
Eyebrow pencil
Trim your eyebrows with revoke hair and eyebrows that shattered flattened to looks tidy. Then, to reinforce the form of eyebrows, eyebrow pencil select the color of dark chocolate rather than black, because black color will make the face look older.

Indeed, many beauty products that can create and refine the skin young and create a more beautiful. Products are inserted into the body or used directly on your skin. However, with appropriate use of cosmetics and tricks right make up the time you make up your face, then you also can appear more beautiful and young.
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