02 December 2008

Tips to prevent and avoid constipation

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Constipation or constipation is a difficulty to defecate. These difficulties may be caused because of the severity Feces can serve should be issued. Feces can serve the crust to be so difficult sometimes cause holes anus and bleeding wounds.

Normally defecate done every day. However, when someone experienced constipation, defecation is done in 3-4 days cause Feces can serve hard crust and issued. People who are constipated also feel puffed bellies, full of beggar or not, and appetite.

In the process of digestion, food into the body will be digested sari-sari food will be absorbed by the network in the body, while the waste is issued in the form of Feces can serve when defecate.

Frequency of defecation is determined by the type and amount of food.

* The type of food that is rich in fiber such as vegetables and fruits will stimulate peristalsis bowel movement optimally, so that the process of food waste (Feces can serve) running smoothly. If the body's fibrous food shortages, the process of Feces can serve a good and there was no obstruction.
* The amount of food also determines the frequency of defecation. If people do not eat or eat very little, then issued Feces can serve it to be too small to be every day.

The factors that cause constipation are:

* Eating pattern that is not balanced, such as lack of fibrous food (vegetables, fruits, beans, rice, flattered, gelatin, and others).
* Lack of fluids that cause Feces can serve not even harden software such as stone
* Customs delay defecation, this causes the desire dispose of long-lost a long time.
* Lack of activity and the movement of jobs that require sitting for too long. This causes the colon less Feces can serve worked so hard down
* Mechanical interference in the intestine, such as cancer, bowel wall inflammation, intestinal protruding out the other. Disturbances in the alimentary tract is in the process of digestion also disrupted, so that defecation is not smooth and not regularly.

Few tips to prevent constipation:

* Apply the pattern of eating healthy and balanced. Much drinking water a minimum of 10 cups or 2 liters per day. Because water helps the digestive process food.
* CHAPTER used (defecate) every day and do not delay on-pause.
* Reduce drink coffee or soft drinks that contain caffeine.
* Make sports regularly to accelerate metabolism in the body. If Sharon had not, do physical activity in your office by walking up or down stairs regularly.
* Get used to consume food regularly and stringy to smooth promos transit in the intestine.
* Used organic lifestyle.
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