28 November 2008

Tips to keep the eyes remain healthy

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An eye healthy is something longed for every man and a very important means for humans. Functions more pronounced when the disturbance occurred in the eye. In some cases, these conditions create a vision not only disrupted the eye disease such as light to form farsighted, dim far, or cataracts. In addition to the health of all it can also affect appearance. However, the situation can be prevented and treated.

Aberration in the eyes can arise in various forms. For example, such as the eyes squint, sheath or bag loose eyes or congenital factors because the process of aging, and the pterygium.

To make your eyes remain healthy and can see things clearly and clear for both distance and near should do the following:

1. do not watch television Too Close
a safe distance to watch television, if not one of 2 meters to 14 inch size TV. To display a wider automatic distance further. Watching the screen cinema should also take the back seat.

2. Work / Do not Play Computer Too Old
Get used to give the time of the move in front of a computer screen. For example, every 15 or 30 minutes of rest to see the far-away for five to ten minutes so that the eyes are not always in a state of suspense as to see the screen with a very close distance.

3. Do not Play Video Games Too Close
Children now days are doesn’t care to eye health. This we can see with a lot of play ps / playstation or other similar video game close to the TV screen. We should warn children who play the game too close. It's similar to the point’s number 1 above.

4. Read a Book
a safe distance reading is 30 cm. When too close can make the eyes tense and dim far in the long term. Reading books is also not allowed nights. Resettlement also must be adequate for example, with the bright neon lights. Thus, the eye health will remain intact.

5. Avoid dust and Pollution
For those of you who often move in the road as the motorcycle taxi, police, police cepek, civilian, driving the numbers, courier, and others should use protective eye goggles and helmet like that look in the mirror. Avoid dust into the eyes because they can make eye infection and make it into the eye cataracts.

6. Eat nutritious foods, fibrous and Bervitamin A
Feed eyes need oxygen, the oxygen and nutrient vitamins that can be enough to maintain the conditions remain fit. Used the food content of fibrous and have adequate nutrition. You can also use food or supplements that contain vitamin A such as carrot, avocado, tomato, papaya, and others.
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