16 December 2008

Types of Tea Group

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Differences groups and the naming of tea based on the processing of tea before and after quoted from the tree, namely:

Tea Black / Black Tea
Tea is in the processing through the full process of fermentation. Often known as red tea.

Oolong tea / oolong Tea
Tea processing in half through the fermentation process. Is a favorite beverage in China and India.

Green tea / Green Tea
Tea is not in the processing through the fermentation process. After tea leaves are processed immediately. Having savor the best. Results of research shows that green tea reduce the risk of cancer affected. Start popular in Asia, namely China and Japan.

White tea
Tea is not in the processing through oxidation process. When the tree, tea leaves are also protected from the sun that does not produce chlorophyll or green leaf substances. Because it produces less, are more expensive.
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