28 June 2009

Zerona Laser For Your Lose Weight

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Confuse find a good clinic to lose your weight? If you like to lose your weight there is a good clinic at Toronto, it was Liliana Laser Hair Removal Clinic located in Thornhill that, next to Toronto, Canada. It is a one-of-a-kind spot for all of your necessities Aesthetic in Toronto and the GTA area including Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, and Vaughan.

A new breakthrough Loosing your weight. Imagine losing inches from your waist/hips /thighs by doing nothing more than you already are no more exercise, no more changes to diet, no handfuls of pills, no dangerous Liposuction or lap-band surgery. Laser Hair Removal with the Soprano XL, Lipo laser with the Zerona, Photo Facial Rejuvenation, Skin Tightning, microdermabrasion, Hydradermie, Electrolysis, or any other beauty Treatments you may require.

Hair Removal Liliana Laser Clinic has a new machine called the Zerona, into their clinic, they are the first to use it in the GTA (greater Toronto area).

Little about zerona, the Zerona is a unique laser machine which produces a cold laser beam. The laser photons penetrates into your fat cells, causing them to open and empty out its fat materials, which later being secreted out of the body. The fat cells lose their volume and shrink causing the body to reduce its size.

The way that the Zerona Laser works, simply put, is this:

Lipo laser emulsifies the fat and causes the cell to become Membrane temporarily porous. The fat leaks out of the cells and into the interstitial spaces between the cells where it's passed out of the body via the normal channels including the lymphatic system and the Digestive system. The laser does this consistently. In the conventional liposuction procedure the surgeon will break the fat cells that are located under the skin then pump it. The result: an area without fat cells. But with laser liposuction will not reduce any of the fat cells but will cause them to open.

You can see more details of the new service at about zerona http://www.lilianalaser.ca and feel free to ask about it with the experts there.
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