28 June 2009

Water Healthy For a Bath

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In addition to the healthful to drink, water, white is also nutritious for the treatment of foreign body in a way spa or bath. Since year 1857, scientist Charles Darwin ever wondered why bath with cold water probably heal itself from pain, pain, and nausea, which he suffered. He's not once, but can not answer it.

Now a research institution in trombosis
London has been expressed can provide answers. According to the researchers, if people always bathed with cold water, cold water again, the blood circulation will be improved, so that the body feel more in shape.

The researchers also found, a bath with cold water will increase the production of white blood cell in the body and increase the ability of someone to attack the virus. Even with a cold water bath in the morning can increase the production of male hormone testosteron on the hormone estrogen and the female. Thus, fertility and vitality
love them increases.

According to the researchers was that, owing to the morning bath with cold water, the network improved skin, nails strong and healthy is not easily cracked, and even grow a thick hair.

Director of the research institute, Prof.. Fakkar, disclose, through a treatment bath with cold water to help cure various diseases, including asthma suffering. But to keep in mind, content should be dinginnya water can still hold a human body, which is around 15oC.

Fakkar are still doing research on 5000 people as respondents. He began to research it because the patient could see the exhaustion without cause. After the bath with cold water, they recover. Previously, the patient each day was only able to lie in bed for a weary 17 - 19 hours, no longer concentrate power, and weak and tired. However, after a bath with cold water regularly their situation improved.

Even water is also believed to cure heart disease, rheumatism, skin damage, it channels the breath, bowel, disease femininity, and the interference of the soul. Kind of mild disease cough, runny nose, hoarse voice less sleep can also be cured.

Therapy in developed countries with the use of water have been done. Vincenz Priesnitz and Pastor Sebastian Kneipp, both of German origin, using the hot water and cold water. The patients included in the warm tub of water so that the sweat. Then transferred to cold water tanks are required and walk briefly in order to sweat. Finally, a bath with cold water. Exchange temperature from cold to hot to be the key to this is the secret of the German experts.

In details, treatment was started from the skin when exposed to cold stimulus, the blood vessel will constrict. With menyempitnya vein, the brain to send a large order blood heat as soon as possible. Hot blood that flows in the longer reflex peredarannya high, so the body's defense got the alarm that is willing to maintain themselves. As a result, the disease germs that are in the body will be liquidated quickly.
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