04 July 2009

Yoga Exercise Benefits

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In fact yoga has many benefits, the following 15 benefits which can be obtained with a yoga practice:

1. More feksibel
This benefit is most directly felt. Maybe in the beginning of the exercise you have not been able to touch the thumb during a foot movement backbend. However, if the practice continues, the body slowly began to feel more flexible and you can finally touch the thumbs feet. You will also get sore and stiff-stiff missing.

2. Stronger
Strong muscles make you look more interesting. Muscles also keep our bodies from diseases such as back pain and artritis and easily drop in the elderly. Build strength through yoga, you menyeimbangkannya with flexibility.

3. Improve postures
Did you know, we like the bowling ball is big and heavy? Need for balance of the backbone and back musculature to menyangganya. Not impossible if you feel fatigue. The problem is in a bad postures. Yoga postures can improve and prevent pain, fatigue, and also because of artritis bad postures.

4. Protect the joint from rheumatism and artritis
Every time beryoga, train your joint range of motion in full. This means that you prevent disease artritis degeneratif with the "rack and soak" the area kartilage rarely used. Kartilage such as the spons absorb nutrition only when fluid is removed. Without latthan, the network will be obsolete and without a ball leaving the bones.

5. Protect the spine
Segment-segment spinal shock reducer as antartulang also need to be back. If diligent practice backbend, forward bend, and twist, keep your vertebra-spinal vertebra become more flexible.

6. Preventing osteoporosis
Much research has proven that exercise strengthens bones and the burden of osteoporosis herd. Many yoga postures require you to lift the burden of the body itself. Pose downward facing dog or upward to help strengthen the arm bones of osteoporosis is vulnerable. Yoga is also good to increase spine density.

6. Smooth circulation of blood
Yoga practice you rileks. Rileksasi exercise that helps blood circulation, especially in hands and feet. Yoga also helps oxygen to enter the cells. Pose good twist to bring blood to the organs and in the stream to the outside after the break is completed. Pose headstand, handstand, and shoulderstand help bring blood from the legs and pelvis to the heart and from there pumped to the lungs, so it gets fresh oxygen. Yoga also increases hemoglobin level and red blood cells that carries oxygen to the network.

8. Clean limfa
When berkontraksi and tense muscles, the organs, you increase your cleaning limfa, liquids rich akan immune cells. This will help fight infection limfatik system, destroy cancer cells, remove the poison from the poison-producing cellular function.

9. Protect the heart
Sports aerobic to protect the heart. Although not including aerobic, if you do yoga, you increase your heart to tap aerobic level. Although yoga does not increase the tap that can improve heart function kardiovaskular, the research found that the yoga exercises lower resting heart rate, increase stamina, and improve maximum oxygen Feed when sports. This value is the same as the aerobic sports.

10. Lower blood pressure
It is a good idea to try yoga if you have hypertension. Two studies of hypertension British medical journal The Lancet, comparing the effect with only pose savasana lie in the sofa. After three months savasana called sistolik lower blood pressure as much as 26 points and 15 points in the pressure diastolik.

11. Keeping the memory
Yoga lower degree kortisol hormone. Normally adrenalin gland kortisol issued as a response to the situation of acute crisis and encourage a temporary immune function. If the degree kortisol remain high after the crisis had passed, it may undermine body's immune. Increased kortisol temporary help is a long-term memory. However, if ongoing, high kortisol the memory and cause permanent changes in the brain. Excess kortisol is associated with depression, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance.

12. Bring happiness
Research proves that the consistent practice yoga to improve depression, increase the serotonin level, and lower kortisol. Richard Davidson of the University of Wisconsin, U.S., found that kortek prefrontal left visible on the people who boast bermeditasi. The findings that mengorelasikan degree of happiness is higher and the body's immune function better. Higher value found in the yoga lover who has many years practice.

13. Lose weight
Do not be lazy and do not move vulturous. That principle is to maintain healthy body weight. Yoga can help us do that a second principle. Yoga exercises to help you move and burn calories. The emotional and spiritual yoga encourage you to eat and see the problem more in body weight. Maybe yoga akan inspired you to become more aware of the time eating.

14. Lower blood sugar and bad cholesterol
Yoga lower blood sugar and bad cholesterol, while raising good cholesterol. On diabetesi, yoga helps to control blood sugar with a lower degree kortisol and hormone adrenalin, lose weight, and improve sensitivity to insulin.

15. Increasing wiliness
One important component of yoga is the focus on the situation now. The research found that regular yoga exercises to improve coordination, reaction, memory, and even the value of IQ. People who practice meditation transendental able to solve problems, process information better because it is able to concentrate, and not easily subject to other problems.

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Yoga is an anscient science that involves the body and the mind and brings about the betterment in the body in a more holistic way.

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Yes this is true...meditation helps build concentration and focus.

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nice posting..

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